Nineteen Eighty-Hate

February 1988
New Musical Express - February 13, 1988
A classic interview in which Morrissey discusses the legacy of The Smiths, admits to yearning for a reunion, lambasts Rough Trade, and discusses the autobiographical teenage origins of many of his early solo songs. A must-read!
New Musical Express - February 20, 1988
Part Two of an interview in which Morrissey discusses rap music, Oscar Wilde, his acting debut, the South Bank Show, and death.

March 1988
Melody Maker - March 12, 1988
Just prior to its release, Morrissey discusses Viva Hate, amongst sundry other topics.
Melody Maker - March 19, 1988
Morrissey discusses the pitfalls of fame and the circumstances surrounding The Smiths' split during this continuation of the previous Melody Maker interview.

April 1988
Probably the definitive Moz interview (as well as my personal favorite), dating from just prior to the release of Viva Hate. Huge, informative, insightful.

June 1988
Sounds - June 18, 1988
Sounds, June 18, 1988
An entertaining "Everyday Is Like Sunday"-era interview which contains the immortal "It was a good lay" quote.


Playboy Of The Western World

February 1989
Record Mirror - February 11, 1989
A short interview in which Moz discusses his fascination with the Kray Twins, his most recognisable facial features, Wolverhampton, and the death of The Smiths.
New Musical Express - February 11, 1989
A great interview which delves into the Wolverhampton phenomenon, the rudeness of obsessive fans, and the highly sexual nature of Morrissey's lyrics. Great photos too!
New Musical Express - February 18, 1989
A short interview in which Morrissey discusses England, McDonalds, his contemporaries, and Gary Glitter.
New Musical Express - February 25, 1989
Another short excerpt from the same NME interview as above. Discussion centers on television, obsessions, and camp humour.

November Spawned A Mozzer

March 1990
The Face
Interesting interview from the "Bona Drag" era which reveals the existence of the unreleased song "Striptease With A Difference".

November 1990
Another excellent interview in which Morrissey discusses his dislike of Madchester music and his doubts about the worthiness of "Piccadilly Palare", amongst other topics.

The Curse Of The Reasonably Unique

April 1991
Morrissey discusses his post-Smith lifestyle, his distaste for the Cocteau Twins and Electronic, the death of pop music (as usual), and his prospects for success in America.

June 1991
Morrissey enthusiastically discusses his love of music in this Kill Uncle era interview.

July 1991
Morrissey fondly reminisces on The Smiths and attacks dance music and the Madchester music scene.

Talking Up Your Arsenal

August 1992
New Musical Express - August 22, 1992
This is the infamous issue of NME that caused Morrissey to despise them forever. In the wake of the flag-waving and skinhead backdrops at Finsbury Park, NME calls Morrissey on his flirtation with racist imagery.

September 1992
An interesting interview from the Swedish magazine Slitz. Especially insightful are Morrissey's explanation of his affection for skinheads.
A controversial interview with Moz from the dawn of the "Moz Is A Racist" accusations. He certainly doesn't help himself here with his "black people and white people will never really get on or like each other" comment. Morrissey also unleashes vitriol at Johnny Rogan and Vic Reeves and warmly discusses his friendshp with Michael Stipe. The pictures - taken in front of French sex shops - are hysterically "Un-Morrisseylike".
You - September 20, 1992
Basically, a shorter version of the same interview as in Spin magazine below.

October 1992
Entertainment Weekly - October 16, 1992
A rather bland article introducing the mainstream EW readers to the Morrissey "cult". This article is really only notable for the presence of several Morrissey 'zine superstars, including Morrissey-Solo's David Tseng.

November 1992
A very honest and revealing interview with the Your Arsenal era Morrissey.

December 1992
Morrissey makes some shockingly open admissions about his sexuality in this enlightening interview.
An excellent interview in which Moz defends his leather belt and discusses depression (what a surprise!).

January 1993
Rock Sound
Morrissey discusses his band, his fans, and the hatefulness of critics in this short interview.

February 1993
Alternative Press
Topics of conversation include Morrissey's relationship with England and Mick Ronson's production of Your Arsenal.

April 1993
A great summary of what makes Morrissey the most vital and essential of English pop stars.

The Loneliest Monk

March 1994
Morrissey discusses the death of Mick Ronson and other somber topics in this rather downbeat interview.

April 1994
A great article that encapsulates the difficult aspects of Morrissey's personality.
A rather chipper Morrissey discusses his friendship with Johnny Marr, accusations of racism, London, drinking, the emotional power of art, and being a millionaire.

May 1994
Morrissey reveals his laddish tendencies in this aggressive, yet still quite miserable, interview.

Do You Fuckin' Want Some?

February 1995
The Times
A short interview from the time of the "Boxers" tour. Moz discusses stage invasions and what it's like to be the "strangest living oddity".

September 1995
A Southpaw Grammar era interview in which Morrissey discusses a wide range of topics including Kurt Cobain's suicide, Gene, Oasis, British politics, Hugh Grant, and boxing.

December 1995
The Observer NEW
Kenneth Williams, stage invaders, EastEnders, sexuality, and KitKats. All in a day's Morrissey interview.

From Bedsit Land To Baywatch

March 1997
Rolling Stone - March 6, 1997
Morrissey interviews Joni Mitchell and asks some head-scratching questions in the process. His query about Ross Perot is particularly bizarre...

July 1997
The Big Issue
Morrissey discusses his life as a British pop exile, his love of "Loose Angela," and the fallout from the Joyce Court Case.

August 1997
The Guardian - August 2, 1997
A revealing look at the "Maladjusted" Morrissey - including Morrissey's confession of having been in a relationship. (Shock! Horror!)
Melody Maker - August 9, 1997

Morrissey is back to his old devilish, controversial self in this entertaining interview.

October 1997
Melody Maker - October 14, 1997
Morrissey answers the MM questionaire on such topics as heroes, friends, spite, and Kurt Cobain.

The Wilderness Years

August 1998
KCXX Interview - August 9, 1998
A radio interview to promote My Early Burglary Years at San Bernadino's KCXX which is marred as usual by the inane questions of the nauseatingly dim fans. There are a few interesting revelations to be had, though.
A depressing examination of Morrissey's career, which attempts to uncover the "true Morrissey" behind the facade. Full of inaccuracies and speculation, the article is still an interesting examination of Morrissey's complex and often unpleasant personality.

October 1998
RockNews.Com - September 19 - October 2, 1998
A short interview where Morrissey discusses his early attempt at a music career with Billy Duffy and the prospect of reforming The Smiths.

September 1999
KROQ Internet Chat - September 29, 1999
Okay, so it's not particularly enlightening, but Mozzer does manage to get a few good quips in during these short e-xchanges with fans. Stolen from Vu... I hope he can forgive me!

November 1999
The Face
A brief but enlightening question and answer session with El Mozzer.
The Guardian - November 5, 1999
A very intriguing article in which Mozzer's genius is given its full due.
The Times Magazine - November 6, 1999
An interesting look at the Los Angeles habitating late '90's Moz... which only serves to prove that you can take the man out of Manchester, but you can't take the Manchester out of the man.

December 2000
A short questionaire with the Great One. Funny how he says that he's never been invited on MTV - what about "Hangin' With MTV" in 1992? How quickly we forget... or, in Morrissey's case, reinvent the past!

April 2001
Mojo Part 1
A short article about the fall of Morrissey's UK career, which serves primarily as an introduction for the next article - "Go West, Young Man".
Mojo Part 2
Boz Boorer and Gallon Drunk drummer Max Décharné discuss what it was like to be on the phenomenal 1992 Your Arsenal tour. Them were good days...
Mojo Part 3
A full version of the 2000 "Soma" interview, where Morrissey admits that he and Johnny Marr really don't like one another.
An article about the labour of love otherwise known as the Oye Esteban tour.

July 2003
Rare interview with Moz during the Wilderness Years.

Back From The Dead

April 2004
NME Part 1
Mozzer makes his dramatic return to the NME, after 12 long years of refusal. (Special thanks to Margaret Dale for the transcription.)

Topics include Morrissey's detention at LAX, pets, and impossibility of finding lasting love. (Special thanks to Margaret Dale for the transcription.)

May 2004
Fashion highlights the discussion, including a shocking revelation about young Morrissey's modeling aspirations!

June 2004
Morrissey discusses the court case, illness, and his legacy. (Special thanks to Margaret Dale for the transcription.)

March 2006
X-Press Online
Vegetarianism, Rome, and Bush-era America are the main topics of conversation.

April 2006
Morrissey discusses his newfound love for Rome and the hopeful (and sexual explicit) lyrics found on Ringleader of the Tormentors. (Special thanks to Margaret Dale for the transcription.)

February 2009
A short questionairre with classic Moz wit.

April 2011
BBC Radio 4 Interview
Morrissey discusses David Cameron, avoiding singing silly songs, and his autobiography in this short but engaging interview. (Special thanks to Margaret Dale for the transcription.)

BBC Radio 2 Interview
Another BBC radio interview to correspond with the release of The Very Best Of Morrissey.

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